What does Waimā, Waitai, Waiora do?

Waimā, Waitai, Waiora is a unique partnership working with landowners and tangata whenua on sustainable land management practices informed by māturanga Māori.

What’s wrong with the Kaipara Moana?

The Kaipara Moana and its tributaries are facing significant challenges, primarily poor-quality water due to high levels of suspended sediment caused through extensive land modification. Over 80 percent of rivers feeding into the Kaipara are not safe to swim in.

How can Waimā, Waitai, Waiora help me to implement sustainable land practices with my land?

We provide advice to help recognise on-farm environmental risks and opportunities to mitigate those risks.

Can I apply to Waimā, Waitai, Waiora for funding for projects, such as fencing off waterways?

Whilst you cannot apply directly to Waimā, Waitai, Waiora for funding, we can help to put you in touch with organisations which can assist with funding for such tasks and fencing waterways and riparian planting.

Does Waimā, Waitai, Waiora sell plants?

Not directly, however, we are able to point you in the right direction. We work alongside a number of plant nurseries and organisations that are able to supply plants.

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